G.A Metals
Scrap Metal Merchants
We at G.A Metals collect and process all types of non-ferrous metals.We having been running this family business for three generations, we first purchased our site which is based in East London in 1964.

We deal in non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, lead, zinc and stainless steel. We pay competive prices in a very competive market.


So instead of all you plumbers out there throwing your odd pipe in the skip for someone else to take, why not keep it and get paid for your waste at G.A Metals. We will even pay you money for that old boiler you've taken out.


To all glazier's out there why not bring us your old ally frame's and get paid for them, a nice little bonus after a job well done.

Address: 140 Katherine Road                       Telephone: 0208 472 5575            Email: g.a.metals140@gmail.com
              East Ham
              E6 1ER